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Adderall and high resting heart rate.

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Been taking Adderall now for about 3 months. Results have amazing and actually changed my life in many ways.

However, I have a naturally high resting heart rate. Typically it sits around 90-100 bpm before adderall, and now about 100-109 after resting. Blood pressure, etc is all great, it's just the heart rate. In great muscular shape, just very poor in cardiovascular shape.

My pdoc wants me to work on that over the next two months by starting a cardio regiment, and seeing if that makes a difference. If not he wants to start trying to control the heart rate medically.

Three questions I should have asked him, but didn't.

1) Controlling my heart rate medically, does that mean no more adderall? Or should that mean Adderall, and something else? Like a beta blocker, or something else? I've finally started doing good in my life and I'm a bit worried it's all too good to be true.

2) If Adderall is mixed with other medications for heart rate, etc. How does that change the effectiveness of Adderall overall?

3) Lastly, I've never been much of a water drinker. Before and even now after Adderall. I've read that can also cause an increase in heart rate because of blood viscosity. Can anyone recommend alternatives to water that taste good? I mean, I look at this vitamin water, gatorade, etc. Is that a decent substitute for just drinking pure water all day?

Any personal experiences, or opinions welcome.

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There are numerous ways to lower heart rate, so your pdoc will have to anwer specifics. however...

No Adderall? your pdocs choice

Alternatives might include beta blockers of which there are a dozen or more, digioxin, amiodorone, electrocardioversion (paddle shock) and really off in left field a pace maker. ;)

Off hand I don't think the other meds would effect Adderall performance, since the tachycardia is a side effect. It's the other way round we worry about. If you want to check each drug you can run med checks at http://www.drugs.com/

I use Gatorade powder mix when i just am sick of drinking water.

We have another membe r who is going thru the similar thing last month and her doc is trialing a beta blocker as the first go.

Don't worry, I'm sure you pdoc won't let you fall through the cracks after making such progress. a.m.

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