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risperdal and klonopin

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I am trying to fix myself and seeing  a pdoc but this isn't going well.  For like 12 years I have had anxiety and constant worrying.  I obsess over stuff but really my only compulsions would be fulfilling my obsessions when I can.

So for instance I will call and ask a question I am worried about to a doctor, or go buy something I have been obsessing about, but I have no rituals.  I can't seem to get any meds that help.

I am on my 2nd week of lexapro and already I feel lousy.  I used to take prozac and felt this way. 

Basically I don't have any motivation, lazy, tired, just "don't care" sort of feeling.  prozac did the same thing so I guess it works for the anxiety a bit but the rest of the stuff is the same.

If I increase the dose when the dr. suggests then that stuff will get worse and maybe it will help with the ocd stuff but that isn't good if I am just lazy and all.

So I take klonopin and that works well for the anxiety but not for the ocd stuff

Now I am thinking about geting off this lexapro and maybe giving the "scary" risp a try but don't want to lose my klonopin.

or can you take this with clonidine?

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