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dunno if anyone cares but i did say id be back and never came...

anyawys, i posted a while ago about being really fucked up on effexxor and not really knowing what to do...

well, the next day

i quit it cold turkey

it was rpetty OK, my dose was relatively low (150mgs) and i had only been on it for like 3 months... but yeah it ended up being ok

basically... i was realizing that while on this drug, i wouldnt ever feel anything.  while off it , i feel fucking godawfully shitty all the time for no reason... but at least i feel

at least for now, this is better for me.

i had one really bad day of withdrawal where i couldnt really move at all for like, 36 hours... coudlnt really sleep either... just laid in bed and listened to countless albums

other than that, and some kind of disturbing thoughts, ti was pretty OK.  been about a month since i quit it now.

wouldnt recomend this for ANYONE else, as it was a really stupid decison, but im just gald it worked out OK for me..  i did not want that drug in my body for a day longer.

good luck to you all.

haha, i might be back!!  i am going kind of crazy but it feels good in a way... not a bad self destructive sort of crazy



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