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What does your display name mean?

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i used to go by my given name [which is different to my birth name, i changed it in the late 90's], but decided it was too much of a privacy risk.

so i decided to change my user name and asked the members on my private blog for ideas... the two threads that emerged were: philosophers and bed linen.

so i combined the two:

David Hume is perhaps the most important of the english speaking philosophers and a doona is a duvet/quilt/ whatever you call them in your part of the world.

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Mine is pretty self-explanatory...I like politics and I like cats.

But I just thought of a kick-ass screen name: "Ewan Watarme."

As in "You and what army?"

I won't use it because this is the only forum I post to so I have no need for many screen names, and also I'm not male, nor am I Japanese ;).

Still think it's cool though.

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