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Hello, another newbie

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Hi & welcome,

Hopefully you'll find CB as supportive & helpful as I have. I find writing a blog really useful for looking at my head stuff in a supportive environment, & also reading others' blogs reminds me I'm not alone.

Catch you 'round ;)

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Welcome to Crazyboards! I think you should get a medal just for living in central FL in the summer! heh

Be sure to look over our rules, and contact one of the mods if you don't understand something or need help in some way.


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Hey suburban [i hope it's ok if I just use that?]

I just wanted to say hi and welcome.

I know side effects can be really rough sometimes. Often they tend to diminish or go away after some time if you can manage to put up with them for a while.

What kinds of side effects are you experiencing? It's possible someone might be able to give you some advice about how to deal with them or ease them somewhat.

Just try to stick with the meds for a few weeks- long enough to see if they are actually working and doing some good.

But then again, if the side effects are so bad they are interfering with your functioning and overall quality of life, you might want to speak to your doctor.

I know my lithium makes me nauseous, but it's not to the point where I'm vomiting or I'm nauseous throughout the day, so it's not horrible. On the other hand, it hasn't gone away, so it's kind of annoying.

Like olga said, if you need anything at all, feel free to pm one of the mods.

When you get a chance, check out the chat room and/or the blogs [maybe start up your own? ;) ]

Hope you find some friendly words here.


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