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Anyone get a rash after going off Seroquel?

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Guest Guest_Jules_*

Hi Guys! I really enjoyed reading through your board, great energy here. ;)

So I have a question- has anyone ever got a rash after going off seroquel? I weaned myself off it very slowly, 400 to 25 over 8 months ( I learned my lesson after Geodon side affects) and 3 days ago I took the last of it. Everything went fine, didnt sleep the first night, which I expected, but have slept fine since. My moods fine, so on and so fourth, but yesterday I got a rash, and I am so, so, SO itchy. At first I thought perhaps it was from my Lamictal, but I have been on 400 mgs for a year and it just doesn't fit, especially so close to going off seroquel...I did google it and someone had said it happened to them...is it common? Has it happened to any of you? I am just trying to figure out how concerned I should be or if this is just another thing that will pass with time....Thanks for any thoughts!


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