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What is the difference between Domonoct and Zolpidem and Zolpiclone

Know this is a silly question but always confuses me.

Just changed to Domonoct and everybody keeps going on about how addictive it is? I thought the others where too?

Sorry confused

Love Ash


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Well, Dormonoct is a benzodiazepine, and the other two are both Z-compounds, which are a class of drugs that are similar to benzos. So they're from different classes, but I think they're reasonably similar, although the Zs are only used for sleep and not for anxiety that I know of, while benzos are used for both.

I read somewhere that they were originally thought to be less addictive than benzos, but I'm pretty sure it's been found that they are also addictive.

I think the benzos just have a really bad rap for addiction stuff, so any time you're taking a benzo, people are going to hop right to addiction, whereas with other less known drug classes it doesn't occur to people.

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