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Um... hiya.

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I just found this place thanks to my crazy mother who apparantly used to frequent these boards. I don't normally draw this much attention to myself, but HEY it's the net, so much easier than REAL life, so here it goes.

I'm here because this looks like a nice place to vent a little, hear from like minds, and get some advice from those who have more experience. Also wouldn't mind making a couple netfriends, you know. When I first saw the list of forums, I felt like WOW where do I start? Paranoia? Disassociation? Addiction? I guess it's kind of neat to find a place that acknowledges all these different issues rather than just lumping them into a few with generic lables.

Seems I'm out of things to say already.

I'm Neuro Bashing. Hi.

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hey there.

welcome to the boards. yeah there's certainly a lot of topics to look at. if you're having trouble deciding, you could always start one of your own on Indecision. really.

and you can remain as unknown as you want here.

once you're comfortable you can check out chat too. it's a great way to interact.

good luck,


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Welcome to CB ;)

This is a great place to vent and hang out - hope you stick around.

Come hang out with us in Live Chat (top right) some time - it's great for just chatting.


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Hi NeuroBashing and Welcome to Crazyboards!

CB is a great place to get advice and support. In addition to the chat that grousemouse and tryp mentioned, we also have blogs if you like to write.

If you have any questions of concerns, please don't hesitate to PM a Moderator.

I look forward to seeing you around the boards.



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I hope you can find as much help and support here as I have. There are some very specific categories for meds and disorders, but also places to just rant or vent.

I hope to see you around. ;)

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Hello, welcome to Crazyboards. If I'm not mistaken I think I saw you in chat this morning. I hope you're enjoying exploring the site so far.

Feel free to PM a mod if you have any questions.

~ May

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Don't know if anyone will read this, but will thank you guys anyway for the nice welcome!

Much warmer than previously visited forums of this sort, honestly.

Hopefully I don't piss anyone off, usually I just say something the wrong way and someone gets offened. >.<

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Hey NeuroBashing...

Of course we'll read it!

Belated welcome from me too - I've not been around for a day or so, hence the delayed response.

It's really great here, and because we're all a bit on the crazy side, most people are pretty understanding. I'm sure you'll like it here. I certainly do!



PS: I'll just add my voice to darkthorn's and say I love Donnie Darko too - though I'm kinda traumatised that they've made a "new" film. It looks SHITE! LOL!

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Neuro, don't worry about walking on eggshells around here. If you read our rules, you'll see that the most important one is "Don't be a bigger asshole than the moderators." Or words to that effect. Anyway, read the rules and you'll see how simple they are.

We don't care if you curse. We don't care if you rant and rave. Go ahead and complain about your pdoc, your friends, your partner---it's all fine. We don't tolerate flaming and we are definitely advocates for therapy, psych meds, and the auxiliary things that help: good diet, exercise and sleep.

Feel free to PM a mod if you're confused about something. If you want to chat, try our chat room. There is usually someone hanging out there.


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