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I just joined.

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Not. I've been here ages, actually. Just for the last 2 years I've been deeply depressed & now I'm feeling like myself again, I want to introduce myself. :)

Hello. My name is Karis. I feel slightly nervous about introducing myself, is that strange?!

Hrmm. Well. It's elementary, Dear Watson. I (and my faithful sidekick tryp - if you don't mind me calling you that ;) ) have deduced that I wouldn't've come across this site if it wasn't for her, so applaud her on being blessed with my presence. I am, uh, joking about you being 'blessed', btw. Whilst you may not be blessed, I myself am depressed. Well, I was. (VERY) long story short, I was prescribed Prozac. Had some weird side effects. After tryp mentioned this site on another site - gURL.com - I had been lurking. The side effects worried me, and so I asked here about them. (The side effects just being those 2 weeks while you get used to an SSRI but I didn't know that.)

I haven't introduced myself before... as, well, I was having a depressive episode and didn't see the point. I'm trying not to claim anything about remission as of yet, for fear of jinxing it but I'm feeling pretty good. Despite still rating pretty highly on any depression test. Fuck you online tests! I know when I feel good.. mostly, anyway. (They're probably just picking up on residue anyway).

I like creative writing, I do. I just, y'know, I do so I thought I'd.. stick this in there even though it's not actually revelant to anything I'm saying. And for anything else irrevelant but interesting that you'd like to know - ask me, cos I'm bringing this thread to a close now.

Thanks for reading.

I love this site.

Ta-ta for now!!


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