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Hydrocodone - Ibuprofen - or nothing?

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I want to take a Lortab (Hydrocodone) 500mg because my back is killing me. I have some from an Rx a few months back for my teeth. It wasn't my Pdoc who gave it to me, and I don't think my dentist even looked at the list of meds I gave him that I'm on... I don't know who I can call to see if its safe to take one being that its 10:30pm on a Friday night.

Does anyone know who I could call???

My back hurts so much right now it hurts to even breath. I usually just take Advil for pain but that doesn't touch my back when it hurts like this. Pretty much all OTC pain meds do nothing for me... it sucks.

Oh and I also have Motrin 800mg but thats still Ibuprofen (Advil has that in it), so I don't know if that would do any good.

Thanks for any ideas you can give me.

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I punched in all your meds here: http://www.drugs.com/drug_interactions.php

With the hydrocodone, according to that site, you should be okay so long as you're not taking massive seizure-encouraging doses of it -- it seems to only conflict with the buproprion if you're taking enough of the opioids to mess with your seizure threshold. Of course, it looks like you're taking a bunch of other stuff that tweaks the buproprion warning, so I'd really recommend getting a doctor's opinion before popping the pill, unless it's a low dose of the hydrocodone. The 500 refers to the acetaminophen, so I'm not sure how much of the good stuff you've actually got in your Lortab. I've taken 7.5 mg of hydrocodone with my buproprion and been just fine, perhaps a little hyper & ticcy but that's just how I react to opioids.

Still, I'm not a doctor -- that's just my personal experience and how I'm reading the info on that site. Since your primary doctors encourage you to go to the ER perhaps you can just call up the ER and say "hey I don't want to waste your time by showing up, could the triage person call me back?"

I really don't have any other suggestions, but I hope that you find some pain relief soon.


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No ibuprofen with lithium as a general rule. I need to put up a pinned post some day. No naproxen, either. NSAIDs will bump up lithium levels a bit. I won't get all nitpicky about this right now, it's OT, yes, it's dose dependent. But.

There's no major contraindication to low-dose acetaminophen and hydrocodone with what you have in your sig in the doses listed in your sig as of right now. I would say that one Lortab is "low-dose."

You can take plain old acetaminophen with lithium and your others. (the "500" in the Lortab refers to 500mg of acetaminophen. That's a low dose of acetaminophen. Check the acetaminophen bottle for dosing guidelines for a 24 hour period.)

For future reference, a pharmacist (the one who usually fills your meds - and now you know one of the reasons to fill all rx at one pharmacy when possible) would be a great person to call.

You can use topicals, by the way - Aspercreme, etc. People snicker, but they can work quite well - if you use them routinely.

Lidoderm patches (rx only) - how I love thee, Lidoderm. Won't do you any good tonight.

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