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NASA lost moon footage

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They always have tried to run NASA on a shoestring. Congress just loves to cut their budget, because they aren't interested in the future of humanity, just getting re-elected every two years. Even here in Houston, NASA's not the biggest game in town.

You know, we still have an old apollo rocket down here-don't know if they could make it usable, though, it's been sitting out here in the weather, on display. I'd rather see it used than watch it rust.

There's a book out about just how amazingly primitive the Apollo 11 actually was-like the moon-suits were glued together by little old ladies, and the buttons on the craft were all labeled with hand-painted letters. Also, how Neil Armstrong nearly died on a landing-practice rocket when it hit turbulence and blew up 2/5ths of a second after he ejected

I just wish we had kept going to the moon, and built a permanent base there-maybe with a private/public partnership to get the moon industries started...

Or maybe I just want to be able to go there, just once. Middle-aged left-wing asthmatic lesbian in SPAAACE!

There's no pollen in space. I like the idea of no pollen.

I've got the geeky science-fictioned attitude that our species needs to have many copies of itself living sustainably, and profitably, offplanet.

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