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Just saying "hi" from Austin TX...

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Before the name change, I was asked to tell a little more about myself... Here ya go:

I live in Austin, and love it (even though it is a bit too liberal for my personal taste). :)

I am also a husband, a father, a photographer, a car/bike nut, a professional geek, and a few other things... :)

Here is a list I made recently just for fun. It is me in a number of statements...

[link=http://visualoddity.com/about/"'>http://visualoddity.com/about/" target="_blank]http://visualoddity.com/about/[/link]


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A fellow gearhead,


I love to talk bikes,rode for 18 years

before a back injury made it immpossible,

got the bug big time,

The new Triumph's are

enticing me,coming up with $18000.00

not too likely.

Welcome again.


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