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good morning

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Hello, I need a crazy board!!!! really need one!

so thank you for being here during this most confusing time for me

I have always been a bit odd ..but now I am downright nuts!

I had a horrific event hit my family 19 months ago and all the things that were my "quirks" prior to this event had become absolutely seemingly insurmountable problems

all I can say is a meteor hit my world and fragments flew everywhere ..I am just not sure how to gather them all up

grief/midlife hormonal swings can make you feel bipolar ..I am up and down all the time.. ...I already had a minimal amt of social phobia ..when at work I am fine...well I can work and do find there anyway...but in my car on the way there and back and at home I am crippled sometimes ..just want to be alone with my husband and dogs...I can not answer the phone or the door...and if it were not for my family, dogs, friends, Effexor and Xanax I would be in very bad shape now

the shock of the episode was enough to turn off my OCD for the most part because there is no "control" in life

but I still panic..still need meds and really need a Pdoctor to help me sort out hormones vs grief vs my normal crazy

so hello and thank you

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One of the best things that I've found about this board is there seems to always be SOMEONE I can relate with.... or someone will post something and I suddenly feel, "Oh my gosh... I thought I was the only one that had that weird, obscure quirk/issue."

It's a very helpful bunch. I hope you'll stick around!

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Hello and welcome! Like Mudpuppy, I highly recommend a psychiatrist and therapist to help you get all this sorted out. It sounds like you went through something very traumatic and maybe you need some expert help to learn how to deal with it.

Don't be afraid to PM a mod if you don't understand something. Be sure to read the rules and I think they will explain most of our quirks.

I'm glad you found us.


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thanks for the welcome I appreciate it

and I read all the rules I am not a jerk so I should be ok there

I am planning to get a doctor as soon as my benefits kick in ..sad thing is I am a healthcare prof without healthcare currently go figure huh?

my health coverage starts the first of the month so I will make an appt asap, first I need a physical then I will go to behavioral health and dump myself in their laps

thankfully I am not in crisis or I would find a way to be seen sooner. I am just trying to pull myself out of a deep hole and really it is too deep and too confusing for me ..so instead of just grabbing whomever to give me a sympathetic Rx based on my own research and a pitiful request ..I need some serious help sorting it all out. what is "normal" anyway????

I would be so happy just to feel a bit closer to baseline for myself

thanks again for the welcome I need to return to the shadows now and read more about all of you

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