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Is this normal w/valproic acid?

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just wondering if anyone else had this experience w/Depakote (valproic acid) and if it's normal. But hey, what's normal, right? Have been taking between 125-200 mg (liquid form) 2 hrs. before bed (since last Wednesday), and feeling ok until about 1 pm yesterday. Felt absolutely tired, icky, depressed, crying, had to call in sick at work and just sleep. But ickiness wore off about 4 pm or so, after an hour and a half nap, so I only took 125 mg about 8 pm, and felt pretty good. Still do. Question is, is it possible I started feeling the ick when the stuff wore off? Internet research said it can stay in system up to 16 hrs, so taking it night before, it would wear off early afternoon next day. And if so, is that why they have extended release forms of it?

Oh yea, pdoc is out of town til Sunday, why would she go to a medical conference after starting me on new med??? ;) I mean, how inconvenient! Ha ha.....(I do have her cell # if things get out of control!)

Just wondered if anyone had a similar experience.



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How long have you been on it? About a week, right?

It takes some meds a couple weeks to get to a steady state in your body and you get used to it.

Also, you should be taking it twice a day, possibly 3 times a day. Talk to your doctor about dosing. There is at least one extended release version available (Depakote ER).

Yes, I started it last Wednesday. I will definitely discuss taking it twice a day w/pdoc when she gets back...i go see her Wednesday.


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