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People who put garbage in recycling


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I have a grocery store I go to...and it was the only place within 15 miles that had plastic bottle recycling... along with cans...paper's easier to find.

Then today, when I showed up with my bins, they were gone. GONE!

So, of course, being the loud hippy that I am, I went to the customer service counter and asked why the recycling stations were no longer there, and when they would be returned...

And, apparently, they're not coming back. The recycling company stated that people had been throwing their trash in the containers.



Why does some uneducated jackass have to ruin things for the rest of us?

Now I'm going to have to save my recycling until I am going downtown, which means my bins will hardly ever get emptied, and I will probably end up trashing things!!!

I am just so disgusted.

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We have house to house collections for recycling. They come once a week to collect and sort the 'green boxes' [paper, cans, plastic bottles, glass] and the 'green bin' [food and garden waste, card] in special council lorries.

Residents even get FINED if they don't recycle.

And if we put something wrong in the bin, they don't collect the whole bin!

Kind of different here, I guess.

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We have the weirdest collection. They take a ton of things - cardboard, paper boxes, plain paper (like mail and newspaper), plastics 1-7, glass, etc... but nothing's sorted. You just dump it all into a bin (or several bins, in my case). I fail to believe that they actually pay someone to sort through it all at the recycling plant? There's rumors going around that since you're not required to sort, that they don't really have a contract with a recycling firm, and this all goes into landfill. IDK what the truth is.

And yes, residents can be fined if they don't recycle.

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I hear you... it's really frustrating when recycling is made so difficult!

We're supposed to have house-to-house collections, but I don't qualify because I live in a "high rise". In fact, my building has three floors and I live on the bottom two... so I really don't understand this. It is an apartment block and there are other apartments on the same floors as me, but I have my own entrance and garden. Hmph.

For years, I had to rely on someone else driving me to a recycling point. And as I couldn't bring myself to throw anything out, the recycling always took over the kitchen...

But I've recently found the recycling facilities at my local supermarket, within walking distance. It's taken me around four years to find them. It turned out that both signs in the car park are pointing in completely the wrong direction!


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In my city recycling is required. You (or whoever pays for garbage pick-up) pay to have the blue bins that they come empty once a week. The truck they use has different compartments for glass, paper and plastic. If you put anything in the "normal" garbage that is recyclable they will either not pick it up or will send you a fine (this is only if they can see it in the bag)...

Well at least this is how its supposed to work. My landlord pays off the city so that none of his tenants (or himself) have to recycle anything... Nice huh? Some how I think it would be cheaper for him to just pay for the pick up but I guess thats just too much work for him. He owns pretty much all of the buildings on this block and pays off more than just not having to recycle.... If the price wasn't so right we wouldn't still be living here.

We bring all soda bottles/cans to the store and my dad takes the bags of paper to have them burned in the fire.... but there is really nothing else we can recycle.

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