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Zyprexa plasma level changes caused by other medication

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Fluvoxamine (Luvox) possibly increases the Olanzapine plasma level significantly.

"Lithium and trimipramine (Stangyl, Surmontil, Rhotrimine) co-medication" possibly decreases the Olanzapine level significantly. (you are the one to decide which one is the evil. i tried to find out on the internets which causes it but i couldn't find an answer.


Valproate (depakote etc.) decreases the Olanzapine plasma level between 32% to 78% mean 53% (that's pretty much) as this german trial says.


you may not understand the german stuff but you can still have a look at the graph and the table there with all the numbers and stuff.

Litium may or may not decrease the Olanzapine Plasma level.

somewhat source. look at the first entry. BTW. if you have the password or know someone who is registered on that site please please please copy paste the whole story over here.

so if you was wondering why your 30 mg of zyprexa doesnt work or 5 mg knocks you out this post may be your answer.

that's it. i hope this becomes sticky after some polish done by the honerable admins or gets added to the sticky zyprexa thread.

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