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question re orodispersible mirtazapine

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I take the orodispersible mirtazapine before I go to bed each night.

Last night just after taking it I had bad catarrh/post nasal drip, whatever you want to call it.

This meant I had to do some coughing, and spitting out of saliva. Yuck, I know.

Anyway, my question is - would I have spitted up all the mirtazapine? If so, am I likely to feel a rebound effect later today? [i've never missed a dose in the nearly 4 years I've been taking it.]

So far so good, as I managed to sleep last night.

But I'm just... worried.

Kind of hard to tell any effects as yet, if I did spit it all up, as I'm pre-menstrual and getting PMDD style stuff happening.

Just wanted to check, and see if anyone knew.


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Well, I made it through today fairly stably.

The crunch will come in about an hour's time - as my catarrh [life long problem, flares up now and again] is still bad.

If I have to - ahem, you know - again, then what?

I have a couple of month's supply of the orodispersable, but I might ask for the ordinary tablet form for my next prescription, if the catarrh continues to be bad.

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You should be fine... I have horrible allergies so I'm always spitting, coughing, coughing and spitting... yea..... I still get the Mirtazapine into my system (Orally Disintegrating Tablets that taste like crap so I still just brake it up and swallow it, lol).

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