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Anyone ever tell you that you suck?


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CB in general, as a community. SUCKS.

No it doesn't.

I just tend to think that, when I get.. depressed? Yucky word.

I can't give advice. I'm weak, weak, weak.

I want to go around and tell everybody no-one will ever be able to "fix" them, 'cos that's how I feel.

Sometimes, when you're doing a bit better, I feel hope. And jealousy.

And happy - for you. Glad you're OK. But me? I suck.

I suck big time.

And I want my sense of hopelessness, validated. Like, God, HEY I JUST HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!

Main reason why I go through periods of refusing to take my meds.


I want to show how really shit it feels, because it is just plain shit.

heh. *deep breaths*

down, down, down

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You're not the first person to say this community sucks... And even though I love this place most of the time, I really *really* hate it here when I'm deep, deep down depressed. Heck, I nearly disappeared for year because of all the shitty depression in my life because, like you, I just didn't think anything anyone said was gonna make it better, and I felt like I couldn't contribute like everyone else did, and no one listened to what I said anyway, so why bother?

But most of the time, I really like it here. That's why I came back.

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Your life is sucking and you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I get it, alien, and I understand. It's part of the reason why we don't like chirpy happy people like Rachel Ray because we're DEPRESSED goddamnit and get outta here with your smiles and happy shit.

I'm glad you found us and I hope we can help you figure out how to make your life a little less sucky.


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So you want your sense of hopelessness validated. Maybe you need to learn to deal with the depression, to learn some coping mechanisms. Maybe it is not going away. I can't help you anymore than that, can't give more validation. This is after all a support forum, and what usually comes to my mind when people say that things will never get better is to call the BS and say something cheesy about that things will improve. That it is the depression talking. But when I really read the posts and realize that the disease is cronic, with 10 to 50 years of history, I realize that the problem is very likely not going to go away entirely. And my comments are probably not going to induce any hope. They might as well make the person more depressed by putting focus on the cronic aspect or make it seem like I have not read or understood the person's posts. They are only good in so far that they might be able to communicate that I care. I know that you have had these problems for a couple of years know, at least that is how I remember it. I think it is to early to give up hope that it will go away. But even if it won't go away, you can still learn to improve your situation. Please take your meds, and keep venting. I'm here, I listen and I care.

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