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combo help?


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I first got diagnosed almost 2 years ago now and I am 37 years old. I see a great doctor but often feel frustrated when I feel like I am not doing as good as I should be.

I first tried adderall I think and then ritalin, then back to adderall or vyvanse. When I first took vyvanse it was like all the crap I had been telling doctors for years made sense. But then it seemed like it just wasn't working as well, and I also felt like my obsessing and anxiety were worse, not worse with the medication, just not as under control as they were. At this point I wasn't taking an SSRI, just vyvanse & XANAX. But then I found this new ADD specialist who did a small set of tests just to see where I was, (most implusive and a couple other things), so she gave me vyvanse, wanted to give me an ssri, I tried cymbalta but it just isn't for me, then I think maybe pristiq, and now zoloft. I am on 100mg of zoloft and doing much better than without it, and just about a month or so ago I switched to adderall xr 2xper day at 20mg each time. I also take klonopin 1mg 2xper day (I split the pill in the morning, then take the second half at early evening and then 1 whole one at night for sleep. I sleep OK, but wind up staying up late all the time, tired but just get sucked into using my computer, reading, work, whatever, I like staying up late but then I am wiped out the next day.

Does anyone have info on the ssri + stimulant combo that might be worth a try? I am feeling more tired than I was without the zoloft definitely, and I also have acid reflux and it is hard to figure out what is happening with that but it is worse and it seems to be from when I increased the zoloft.

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