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On and Off Side Effects

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Ok, I'm on Quetiapine (Seroquel), and I've been on a few different doses historically (50mg before psychotic break, 400mg post-psychotic break, 800mg when she thought I was 'manic', even though I don't get manic, and then back down to 400mg).

When I was on the 800mg, I was essentially a zombie and started suffering from chronic constipation, partial dystonia, weight gain of about 20 pounds, vision focusing issues, and memory loss. What happened is that I essentially stopped my medication because I couldn't take side effects and I started showing signs of an impending relapse and me and my doctor agreed on trying 400mg with 50mg topamax to help weight gain. It took about a week for the medicine to re-enter my system and I started showing weight gain while on topamax, chronic constipation, and the partial dystonia again. What I also noticed though, is that a few weeks into the medicine, the constipation would go away for a few days and I would be using the bathroom normally, but then it would come back.

The weight gain slowed down after a few week, but then started again, and then slowed down again. The dystonia isn't bad, but can be annoying since I'll just be sitting there and a random area of my body will end up starting to jerk randomly and then go away. I'm not sure what's causing slowing and speeding up of side effects, but I started to notice this happening.

Has anybody else experienced this before?

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