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Good Evening

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New here.

Glad to find a forum that isn't so damn... cheesy and emasculating (yes, I'm a girl, but still) when it comes to these things.

Have been dealing with the ADD for awhile, and have just recently kinda accepted that I likely have other things going on, namely depression and anxiety issues. Been DX'ed as depressed a few times in the past, just never wanted to deal with it.

Have had other issues before; I've always been a bit off, I guess.

Anywho, that's me.

It should be nice to meet y'all.

ETA: what do you guys see as my AV? I'm having problems with it.

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Your avatar looks like an attractive blond in a white dress with white horses (unicorns?) in the background.

Sometimes you have to sign off CB, shut down your browser, empty the cache, and when you come back your avatar will be what you actually put up.

Welcome to our little place. Don't be afraid to ask questions and jump right in to any of the discussions going on in the various forums. We also have a blog section and chat, and both of them are pretty active.

Also, the mods around here are a helpful bunch, so PM one of us if you can't figure something out or have a question.


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