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so this is where i do it

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been posting in some other spots, did a "new here" thing on the DID forum, then today discovered the official "new here" spot ;)

made a whole thing bout myself on my page, so if you have like 3 hours to kill, feel free to check it out.

I'm DID (is that an oxymoron), with lots of sides of other stuff - starting to really freak out as the holidays approach, the days getting shorter, but most of all the upcoming MRI of my husband's brain to see if his brain cancer has returned yet - he is off all treatments as of July 5 so this is the first MRI w/o chemo on board.

was put all together many years ago, and then fell apart when he was dx in May 2007. (it's all in the 'about me' area)

interests are Camping (I bought an 100k RV 4 weeks after hubby's dx - first of TONS AND TONS of spending); love love love camping - provides a ready escape when life gets too nuts around here; love kayaking, reading, and most recently triathlons - a great sport for DID peeps, love swimming (swam in 4 lakes this summer), biking - nothing beats a 40 mile bike ride; learning to love running - 11 mile run 2 days ago was amazing!

So glad to have found this site :)

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