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Ugh, I'm 47 yrs old, had a hysterotomy in 2007.... (went into the surgery kicking and screaming) since the surgery I've gained 25 pounds.

Back in the day I'd have killed myself if I weighted what I weigh now. I cry alot. My problem is this.... I've dealt with depression since I was a teenager... I've tried everything! Right now I'm taking Cymbalta 60MG once a day. I think I've been on this medication for 3 years now and it's no longer doing it's thang! So, I thought I'd talk to my MD about Pristiq. I wanted to know from REAL PEOPLE the good the bad and the ugly about this medication.

See, I'm afraid that my 'relaxed' almost "who cares" attitude I have about my weight is going to catch up with me... every single time I try on a pair of pants that I've had for years or a top that is over a year old I CAN'T zipper or button them... Oh sure I get into a funk and I think to myself HEY tonight you'll work out... it'll be OK... the night time rolls around and I do nothing. Is this because I no longer have Estrogen and I'm dried up and not interested in sex with my husband? Or is it because the Cymbalta is working SO DARN GOOD???

Personally, I say since I was "gutted" I've lost all desires to be any thing to any one..... I want to find ME again. I want to be sexy again. Is it too late, is THIS pig woman my destiny? I don't eat a lot AT ALL. I write everything down that I do eat..... I drink water all day along as well as Green Tea.

OK, all I really want to know is will Pristiq SNAP ME OUT OF THIS FUNK ?

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I was once on Effexor which is basically the same thing as Pristiq. And it worked pretty well for my depression. There are quite a few reasons I am no longer on it. The biggest problem I had with it was anorgasmia. Not everyone gets that on it though. You just have to give it a chance and see if it'll work and what side effects you'll have.

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Well, the answer is......maybe.

I don't think Pristiq has been out long enough for anyone to really know about long-term results.

Have you talked to your gynecologist? Is hormone replacement therapy out of the question? Have you tried any of the natural things like Black Cohosh, red clover extract, or eating soy products?

I had a hysterectomy at 48 and it was the happiest day of my life (except for meeting my husband). If anything, we had sex more often after the surgery because I wasn't worried about getting pregnant anymore. I tossed out the diaphragm and the condoms and danced around the bedroom singing.....

So let's see what you could do to feel better about yourself. Since your metabolism has slowed down (which is normal for your age and doesn't have much to do with the hysterectomy), I would think that regular exercise might be helpful to you. Thirty minutes of walking every day? A bicycle ride after work? Try to pick something that you can stick with.

In terms of a good antidepressant, I think you should discuss that with your pdoc. You probably want to stay away from the SSRIs like Zoloft, since they are known to affect sexual function. We aren't doctors here and can't tell you which med to take, but I would suggest that you do some research in our forum on ADs, and read up on side effects. Then when you go see a doctor, you're an informed patient and can work with him to make an intelligent decision.

If you eat too little, your metabolism slows down and you keep gaining weight. You need to eat a balanced diet with a sufficient number of calories, and kick-start your metabolism with some aerobic exercise.

I feel sexy as hell most of the time and I'm 10 years older than you. Don't accept being sexless and depressed: you are entitled to a decent quality of life, and there's no reason to turn into a celibate nun. Go to the gynecologist and the psychiatrist and ask them to help you reshape your life.

And welcome to CrazyBoards! I hope you like our little community, and please PM a moderator if you have a question.


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