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Advice on a med combo that I think might work...

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If anyone has any opinions from personal experience or research, i'd love to hear!

You can find out my full package deal in my signature line but for now:

My MAJOR d/x's are:

*MDD (If you look at my sig line regarding the mdd v/s bp, I think that when I see my pdoc next, she's going to lean back further to mdd where i'm at)



So, Klonopin works perfectly for the anxiety and Adderall does wonders for the ADD. The problem is the depression: being severely depressed more often than not, not being able to get out of bed (the whole "what's the point" thing) and being tired as hell. I hadn't had the sleep problems I've been experiencing until about 3 months ago. Also, I've been on Celexa for a few years now and it's always worked better than any other SSRI (meaning, not great but better than nothing).

I've tried Wellbutrin before though it was about seven years ago and I can't remember why I stopped taking it, though I have an idea. I was taking it as my sole anti-depressant.

I know a lot of people have had success with depression when using wellbutrin and celexa (or whatever ssri) together.

So, I was thinking about asking her to try lowering the celexa a decent bit and adding wellbutrin.

Possible benefits:

-Not being so depressed that I can't function!

-Not being a SSRI zombie, too tired to do anything

-Because I have characteristics of being Bipolar, we might see a change in the reduction of the SSRI and the introduction of the Wellbutrin.

RE: Lithium, I don't know what to do about this one. It makes me even more groggy which doesn't help. And at the dose I'm at (300mg), what the hell is it supposed to do? It's doing nothing but adding lethargy. If she wants me to try to up that dose, I'd be willing.

The sleep problem: I thought about possible stressors that could be affecting my sleep all last night and of course came up with a few.

- I'm only working about 10-12 hrs of freelance work a day (too much time on my hands, not enough structure and huge problems with money).

- I tend to do better when there's a guy in my life, a boyfriend. I don't have that now and even though my last relationship ended about a month ago, for the year we were together we really acted like friends more than anything. He was never there to support me, so I feel like it's been about 2 years since I've been in a real relationship.

Comments? Questions?


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The one thing I can suggest is about the klonopin. When you are on a steady dose of benzos, they tend to tire you out. A lot, especially in the higher doses. Have you tried a benzo break for a day or so and seen if your tiredness eased up any?

Depending on the type of anxiety you get, you could perhaps try some other medications that have anti-anxiety properties. I tried hydroxyzine, and there are others on this board who have tried propranolol. If your anxiety is mainly physical based, these drugs might just be the answer to your prayers - and they, at least in my case, had no noticeable effect on my tiredness.

I really can't say too much about your SSRI meds, because pre- and post-diagnosis, I've only been on lexapro and celexa. Neither of which made me tired. Quite the opposite, in fact, until I got on a mood stabilizer, and then I was normal. This past week, my new pdoc put me on wellbutrin, but it's too soon to see how I'll react to it.

I've taken lithium for three years, and I'm undecided as to whether or not it contributes to my tiredness. I like to blame it on whichever medication I'm increasing at that moment, but it just might be the lith all along. I've been on anywhere from 900mg (which I take now) to 1500mg.

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