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Hi, I'm Malachi and I'm new here. I found the site on google and it looks like a cool place.

My current diagnosis is Schizoaffective disorder, and I'm being treated with Celexa for depression, Lamictal for severe mood swings, and Zyprexa for psychosis. Fun times.

Anyways, I hope I'm able to contribute in some way to this site.


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Hi Malachi.

I actually chose that as a name for a summer [we were at a camp where the counselors all have campnames...]. Anyway. It's a neat name.

How are your meds working for you? Are you in therapy at all?

I'm glad you have a desire to contribute to the site, that's really great.

Like MP said [awww... what a sweetie] check out chat if you get a chance. The link is located at the top of the board.

Glad to have you!


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Thank you all for the words of welcome.

LunaRufina: The Zyprexa has done wonders for me, but we're still trying to get the mood issues straightened out. I am also in therapy, but I just recently had to switch therapists, so how that goes remains to be seen. Thank you for asking!

I'll definitely have to look at the chat at some point.

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