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Hello all =)

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Hey there. I'm Ashley. I'm almost 20. Um. I'm new to the forum and am just starting to get used to using forums so if I don't post much at first, I do apologize. This seems like a really good forum though and I'm excited about posting and replying. There basics about myself and my "issues" and whatnot are all on my profile if anyone is interested in reading that. Basically, to sum it up, I have borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, ED-NOS, and I have been a self-injurer since I was 12/13 years old. I'm on five or six different meds that I'm still getting adjusted to. The whole recovery process is new to me and I relapse often but I'm definitely trying. I attend college online and major in web design. Um, yeah. Anyway, I look forward to being more active on the forum and meeting new people. Hope you all are having a fantastic day!

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