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Getting freaked out in the car

Freaky Strange Side Effect of AAP  

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  1. 1. Could my car freak out stuff be a strange side effect of AAPs?

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OK, ever since starting AAPs I've developed this weird panicky anxiety thing when riding in the car with my husband. This doesn't happen when I'm driving, I guess because I feel like I'm in control. But when I'm riding passenger I freak out.

It feels like we're going too fast when we aren't and it looks like we're following to close to the car in front of us, when we really aren't. I know folks would probably just say that maybe my husband's driving is scary but I never used to feel this way in the car with him. I used to prefer that he drove because I hate driving. But now it's so bad I can barely go out places with him while he's driving. It's a weird thing that just started around the time I started trials of various AAPs.

Could it be some weird side effect. Like the AAP maybe alters my perception and makes me think we're going too fast or following too close? I also get panicky because I'm thinking the car in front of us will make a sudden stop and we won't be able to stop in time.

I haven't ridden in a car with anyone else driving besides my husband but I assume I'd still have this weird panicky thing with anyone else driving.

I try to tell him to please take it easy on me and drive a little slower and leave a little more room between cars. He gets irritated that I'm being critical of his driving. But I try to explain to him that it's this weird perceptual thing that I have no control over.

It's gotten to be a problem. I tried to explain it to my pdoc once and she either didn't really understand what I was describing or didn't think it was a big deal. But it's starting to be a big deal.

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