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New here.

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Hello everyone. My name is archgallo and I am new on this board. I found it while googling "feeling like crap" (which is generally how I feel these days) so here I am.

I've had some troubles with depression and self-injury since I was 15. I started seeing a therapist from that age as well, and was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and Dysthymia. I was on Prozac for a year which I did very well on, so in consultation with my therapist and psychiatrist I quit taking it and stopped seeing my therapist and felt good for a while. Unfortunately the depression has returned (along with the self-injury, though thankfully not as severe as it used to be) so I'm seeing my therapist again and I'll possibly start taking medication again in the near future. My therapist is rather slow with arranging stuff for me and it appears my psychiatrist is on holiday so it might take a while (hopefully not too long).

For some more cheerful information: I'm 23, I've an MA in English Literature and I'm currently employed as a corrector at a translation agency, where I correct the translated texts of other translators (mainly English-Dutch-English, as Dutch is my mother tongue).

I don't think there's anything left to say but, hello, and nice to meet you all.

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Welcome to Crazyboards, archgallo. I hope you meet some of our crazy members and enjoy being a part of this community.

Our chat room is temporarily out of service, but the blog department works. Feel free to jump in and write a blog if that would be helpful.

Please PM a moderator if you have a question.


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