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You know you have too much money when...

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"Really, I am not very political. The architect just asked, ‘How about I build you the White House?’ and I said yes. That is the whole story."

The Daily Mail is the most unintentionally funner newspaper in existence, edging out the New York Post.

But their copy editors aren't doing their jobs...

"He is pictured in the foreground below a bizarre "God loves you" motive made from bushes."

Motive? How about "Motif," although "design" would be a more accurate word.

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I think there's something in the water down there. One of my dad's friends in Atlanta told him last year that he'd had a new house built, and that his home is so large that he and his wife (the only occupants) get lost in it.

I'm assuming the couple has Alzheimer's, or they're just crazy.

(And about the article... that bottom image... totally non-sequitur priceless...)

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