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Bought An iPhone

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Well, it's my birthday next week, and like most birthdays, I tend to buy my own birthday present. That is way over budget. This year it's the iPhone.

I know, laugh at the person who has no friends and hardly ever leaves the house an expensive cellular phone. But I have a really shitty reception by-the-month phone that I hate now. I used to have a smartphone (still use it to read books) that I loved. I loved downloading the apps, I loved the GPS, I loved the tech of it.

So I bought one. I have no idea how to use it... it's supposed to arrive tomorrow or Wednesday. I want to read books with it, and I want a good GPS for it. I'd love a mini excel program that I can keep and sync my budget on. I'd also like to sych with google calendar, because that is my lifeline (I forget everything).

So any good tips, tricks, or programs I should know about?

I'm selling my gently used Sprint HTC Mogul with brand new boxed accessories for $100 with free shipping if anyone is interested.

ETA: Sorry for the shameless plug.

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With the iPhone, there is an app for everything. You name it, someone made an app for it.

My only tips are: keep it away from any sort of liquid, and do not drop it or let it get squished in your bag or pocket or anything. If you manage to crack the screen, it'll be useless, and physical damage is not covered by warranty.

Oh, and if it ever freezes on you, it usually only needs to be reset - which means you hold down the power button on the top of the handset, and the big menu button at the same time until it turns itself off. Then it should turn itself back on within a minute or so, and should be fine.

Lastly, if you ever lose the little pin thingy it comes with that is used to open the SIM slot, paperclips will work just as well.

Congrats on the purchase and good luck with it! ;)

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Guest Vapourware

Have fun with the iPhone, they are great! I recently got one too and have been loving it!

Mercury_Rain has given some really sound advice. There's lots of free apps out there and I'm sure you can find some for what you need.

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I adore my iPhone.

Since I was given a defective brain at birth, I'm so thrilled Apple has made me a replacement brain. That also makes phone calls.

My two favorite Apps are "Daily Tracker" and "Awesome Note".

Awesome Note is essentially a way of keeping tasks/to do lists organized in a neat manner.

Daily Tracker is the coolest thing, EVER. You can set it up to track anything, in any way you want.

Mine tracks tons of things for me:

Sleep - It has a built in timer, that I start when I go to bed, and turn off when I wake up. Plus, I rate my sleep from 1 to 5 stars, and record any notes about dreams.

Exercise, Yes or No, and any notes.

Tasks, Yes or No, and any notes.

Mood Tracker: I rate my overall mood from 1 to 5 stars, and then record episodes of anger, inability to focus, sadness, anxiety, flashbacks. Then I record any additional notes.

Food, Yes or No for each meal, drinks and snacks.

Money, the amount of money I spend each day, by dollar amount.

Meds, Yes or No for each med I'm prescribed, and a counter for each PRN med, to see how much PRN meds I take.

The app converts all this into charts, synchs with Google Docs, has a back-up feature and just generally amuses me.

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