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Meds WERE working well :-(

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Been good for the last six months since I've been taking 100Mg Clomipramine....

However, last few days things havent been so great. (and I havent forgotten my dose this time!). Got some of the old worries from years ago resurfacing like whats the point in it all, nothing to look forward to etc.

Also, got some more of my OCD type relationship worrying with my wife. Like feeling generally oversensitive to things etc.

For instance, shes off out with a friend on Friday to a city about 30 miles away (her friend has a friend there) but I';m stupidly thinking their going to meet two fellas etc. Shes off to a 90s weekend in a few months and thats bothering me (these sort of things 'can' be a sort of pick up thing sometimes - Adult weekends at Butlins for anyone in the UK who knows about this).

Is it possible I might need a med increase?

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Yes, you may need to tweak your meds. It happens and since it's getting to be winter, you might be having some seasonal stuff happening.

You also need to be in therapy. Meds are going to help you a lot, but therapy will help fix some of your underlying issues with trust and all that.

Yeh. Think you might be right.

Did therapy some months ago. CBT. Finished the course now...

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