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mirtazapine dose reduction causing blips in hormonal cycle?

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Hey guys!

Firstly -

Announcement time!

~nestling~ is recovering well, and with the blessing and supervisory support of her treatment team has started reducing her dose of mirtazapine. Currently it's 15mg-30mg on alternate days. It's a week in.

;):) :)

Things are mostly going pretty good, which is awesome as we all know what efexor withdrwal was like.

But I have one frustration. Menstruation. Not happening on time.

Is it normal to get your cycle all out of synch when you change anti-depressant dosage?

It's just, well, I've been having intermittent cramps [and PMS!] for a week, and no sign of bleeding.

Today is day 35.

In recent months my cycle has stabilised to average 32 days.

I'm frustrated and concerned.

[And no, there's no chance in anything that I could be pregnant!]

Anyone else's periods go different when you changed your dose?

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I agree with Tryp that it's nice to see you around!!

Here's my two cents, and in NO way am I a doctor, so yeah, just my opinion.

A lot of times when I change something (diet, MEDS, stree, etc) any kind of life change, my body will react a little to it one way or another. Usually it's my period. Typically a med change, for me, will cause my cycle to be a little wonky the first month on or off a med, or PMS will be hell, or whatever.

That being said, I haven't had that problem with increasing or decreasing meds, so I don't know.

Ask your doctor if it really concerns you and you are always super regular. If you've never seen this before with a med change/adjustment, then that seems a little odd, but not scary or anything.

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