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Reasons for staying on meds (poll)

Why do you stay on meds?  

858 members have voted

  1. 1. Why do you stay on meds?

    • to help prevent depression
    • to help prevent anxiety
    • to help prevent mania
    • to help prevent psychosis
    • to stay in remission
    • to help prevent irritability
    • so my family or friends don't have to deal with the fallout
    • I don't want to lose my job / have to drop out of school
    • so I don't have to be hospitalized
    • I can't afford another spending spree
    • so I don't have to apologize to a lot of people afterward
    • to help prevent other symptoms (obsessions/compulsions, etc)
    • to stay functional (can leave the house, etc)
    • because I don't want the same thing that happened last time to happen again
    • to help prevent self-injury
    • so that I'm not dead
    • so that I can sleep
    • additional reasons (put in post if you like)
  2. 2. Why do you stay on meds even if they're not fully working?

    • I'm still less crazy than I am without them
    • The benefits outweigh the side effects
    • They work better than the last set of meds
    • see above reasons
    • additional reasons (put in post if you like)

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I can see cutting down on meds with pdocs approval, but the thought of me going back to where I was just makes me cringe.  I have an NOS diagnosis, but my symptoms are severe, and never want to go through this ever again.  Not that I am stable, but better off than I was a year ago.

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I would be dead without meds .

Do they have bad sideffects, yes.

Do I leave the house and have a normal life, no not really .

But I am not dead ?

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I struggle to always stay on my meds and I need to or it's a guaranteed manic episode/psychosis leading to hospitalization.

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So the Aliens don’t come while I’m sleeping and steal my dreams so they can sell them to Hollywood as script ideas. 


But mainly so I can stay functional, etc....

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On 10/26/2009 at 9:48 PM, Anna said:

I checked most of the reasons. It was pretty eye opening.


I can't believe how many posts there have been on the baords lately about stopping meds and whatnot.


I can honestly say I've never been there. I guess maybe I am lucky in that I have the type of illness where it's always been clear to me that without meds I would be institutionalized, dead or worse. I never had to struggle with the compliance thing, and it's never occured to me to think about going med-free. I mean, yeah, here and there I've had an issue with a PARTICULAR med, but was always able to hash that out with my doctor and whatever.


And, I've gotten a lot of nasty side effects over the years, including SJS from lamictal. I'd STILL take the meds, frankly. Side effects and all.


I'd rather have however many years of sanity and functionality, even if the meds do end up taking a few years off my life.


I just don't UNDERSTAND people who don't take their meds as prescribed, bitch constantly about their meds, or seem to think they "don't need" them when they are so clearly impaired that it comes across EVEN on a bulletin board over the internets. I guess lack of insight is a key feature of a lot of psych disorders, but STILL. Man. My first manic episode, when I finally ended up in the hospital, I was really ready to WALK through FIRE to make sure that didn't happen again. Like, really. If some doctor had pointed me at a bunch of hot coals, and said, "Go ahead!" I would have.


The other thing that helped me out a lot was interning at one of the oldest state psych. hospitals in the country. They had videos, and an old museum. And creepy, crumbling, old grounds.


And man, let me tell you. Mental illnesses used to REALLY fucking suck, that's what. People couldn't have LIVES, or independence, or families. They got parts of their brain CUT OUT. They got put in insulin shock, and lived as wards of the state, in horrific conditions, for their entire fucking lives.


It really puts it into perspective for you. Really. When someone is bitching about feeling "flat" or gaining weight. Or going on about how pot or meth does the trick, so much better than the EVIL MEDS, developed by evil warlords to KILL US ALL. Well, cry me a fucking river, really. Please. You don't know how lucky you fucking have it. You don't know how great your life COULD be, if you would MAN UP, listen to the doctors, and do what you are fucking told for a year or two, being honest about your actual symptoms, and ceasing your recreational drug use activities.


My personal favorite, was the poster who decided they didn't want meds, and got bluntly told by the doctor, "go right ahead, and this is how you do it safely," and then had the nerve to BITCH about that doctor. The doctor was probably like, "I'm tired of dealing with this BS, I want patients who want to get well! Come back when you are freaking TIRED, and maybe then I won't have to spend all my appointments wading through nonsensical bullshit with you. Go right ahead."


It must be fall. But really, it angers me, a bit. It's just such a senseless waste of human life.


Honsetly, if I had to give up my husband or my meds, it would be a tough fucking call. But not really. Since without my meds, I'd be buisilly making his life and the life of everyone else (myself included) a living hell..... So, I guess the husband would have to go. I wouldn't want to do that to somebody, thank you very much.


I have freaking nightmares about what living in a post-apocalyptic world without meds would be like, frankly. So no, I don't get the people who spend more time bitching about meds and side effects than the do on getting well, at all. Some people just don't seem to want to be happy, really.


And honestly... if you are so well that you don't need meds, or therapy, then you probably don't need the support of crazy boards, do you? So don't post on agonizing about quitting meds, and getting endless dramatic feedback where you agonize endlessly about to Quit or Not to Quit. Just, go do it, eh? And live your delightful med free lives, happily ever after, eh?


Oh, except it's not going to be that way, because guess what, you probably do need meds, for quite some time, to even BEGIN to develop some coping skills, some optimism, and some ability to live drama free and without whining about everything, all the time, and constantly focusing on the negative. Or, you wouldn't be here. Oops.





This is ??

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I feel old because I was on this thread at its inception.


Anyway...I think it's a good question for anyone.  I've only gone off medication once fortunately--under the approval of a pdoc, who thought I'd had a single episode of depression.  That turned into a miserable failure, resulting in hospitalization about four months later.  So that pretty much convinced me that staying on meds is the track for me.  It only got reinforced over the past three years when I went manic and psychotic and had four hospitalizations in three years--and that's with me trying to do things correctly and on medication.  I'd hate to think about how worse it could have been.

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I like the answer about friends and family not having to deal with the fallout. For me, that reason reads like wanting to just have friends and family in my life period. My episodes destroy relationships...and sometimes there has been no one around but me to deal with any fallout. 

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Ive been hospitalized 4 times since i had my first manic episode with psychotic features -04. 

Id rather take the side effects that comes with medication than mixed episodes which ive been through in the past. 

As in many cases, medication keeps me able to function, leave the house and be social in everyday life.


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I'm pretty low-functioning even with my meds, but I keep taking them because I don't want to possibly sink even lower.

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Recurrent mixed depression is as fun as it sounds. Otherwise a chronic mild or subsyndromal depression was the norm between episodes. 

That was before meds.

now i go between somewhat content and hey..this unpleasant. So yeah, staying on them. They could knock a few years off my life and id be fine. Id rather be better for a shorter time than a long drawn out bout of misery.

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