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hi. i had a roommate that was kind enough to tell me that i was crazy all the time. as if i didn't already know...

i was diagnosed with ptsd but its been downgraded to anxiety. now i take cymbalta and that has helped me a lot. i really want to at least seem like a normal person. mainly looking for solidarity and sympathy and just down to earth people to discuss mental illness intelligently without being jerks.

welcome to know me

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Hi, Dino! I'm glad you came here, and I hope we have some answers and support for you.

If you have a question, send a PM to one of the mods. We also like to invite newcomers to the chat room if you are so inclined.


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[pronounced deeno or dye-no?]

Glad you found us. There are plenty of areas here for various types of discussion, as you've probably found, and feel free to ask questions and start new topics. [if you have a question you don't want to post in the main forum, you can PM a mod or admin, also]

We have a chat room that is fun and supportive and also blogs which are a great way to keep track of how we are doing, get to know each other, and support one another [as well as be a little silly].

Both are located at the top of the main page.

[i've had people tell me I was crazy but it was usually after I did something like tell them they were trying to control me or break some dishes. So, it was maybe justified. I'm still crazy, though I haven't done either of those things for a LONG time. And I think I have this place to partly thank for it.]

Hope you find what you're looking for here.


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