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Since day 2 of taking my meds (400mg Epilim & 20mg fluoxetine) and it's only the second week my eyes have been occassionally going all "jumpy". If I try to focus on anything like the computer screen or a book my vision goes all shaky and I have to close my eyes because I get disorientated. It's like my eyes move very rapidly and I can't control them. Does anyone know if this is a side effect and what it's called?


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There are a number of different visual malfunctions, and its hard to tell specifically which one(s) you are having. Difficulty focusing is different from Nystagmus which is a back and forth movement of the eyes. Anyhoo....

Fluoxetine (Prozac) has a listed side effect of "vision difficulties" of 2% vs. 1% for placebo, a 100% increase (oow, sounds impressive). ;)

I didn't see any mention for Epilem/Valproate on the PI sheet.

Frankly lots of our meds can make things a bit wonky, and vision requires pretty precise muscle control. Do consider that reading and computer screens can strain even normal unmedicated eyes. You may need to take more frequent breaks, heck maybe even reading glasses.

If this continues to be a problem, or if you have any increasing problems like double vision be sure to let your pdoc know.

Best, a.m.

p.s. You can check side effects at http://www.rxlist.com/

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