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Good question.

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Hi everyone.

I'm Ira. Well, that's not my real name, I wish it was, but I wasn't the one to choose. Anyway, Ira is the Latin word for wrath. It might be the deadly sin I commit the most. (And yes - I am not religious wink.gif.)

It's hard for me to describe myself since I have no idea who I am... currently trying to figure that out. But I read the rules/description thing of this forum and I liked it. So I am here now.

I'm not gonna list all the diagnosis stuff I received, let's just say I'm somewhat complicated - and sick and tired of pity. biggrin.gif

Oh and what I also need to say: forgive me if I make any grammar or vocab mistakes, I'm not a native speaker...

So that's it. If you have particular questions, go ahead and ask, I usually don't bite. smile.gif


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Hey, Ira---I'm glad you found us. Be sure to read the rules and PM one of the moderators if you have a question.

We have blogs and we have chat, so if you feel bloggy or chatty, jump right in.



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