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App Crackle Pop!

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I just thought it would be neat to exchange the neat, interesting, useful, fun, whatever apps we've come across for iPhone or iPod so we can pass 'em on. There are, what, 85,000 of them? [or is that a number for something else?]

Which makes it really hard to filter through them, even with "Power Search".

So I thought if we point out a few of them that would be fun.

Here are a few of mine:


It's a paid app, $1.99, but it's really cool. It's a game with word associations. You start with a word web, with one word and many lines leading off of it and you have to guess what words are associated with it [you are given the number of letters], and ass you guess the words, more blanks appear. It's difficult, but do-able, interesting, and really makes you think. I REALLY think it's worth the two bucks and there's lots of levels.

There's also associatethis, which is the free version, many FEWER levels, but it's free so will give you a chance to test it out first. It's a game that is more ongoing and you likely won't complete it in one sitting so it's neat to have and pull out for a few minutes while waiting for an appointment or on the bus or some such thing.

mixology is an app that is a database of drinks. But, it also gives bartending tips, and provides a "cabinet" feature in which you can enter the mixers and such that you have and give you a list of various drinks that you are able to make.

I think this is a good app for being free, my only issue is that it doesn't have things like "southern comfort" to search under and yet includes it in the results.

It's neat and helps you make a proper drink, not some pan dimensional gargleblaster that will get you tanked in two minutes flat.

There's a paid app with a couple more features, like save favorite drink, for $.99.

Scramble by Zynga is fun. It's a word game kind of like boggle where you try to make as many words as possible out of the letters given. You can change the dimensions of the board, as well as play online. It's free and works quickly and smoothly.

It's fun for a couple minutes but I find myself taken in by it for longer periods of time.

The TapTap games, like TapTapRevenge2 are fun. They are kind of like a Dance Dance Revolution for your fingers. There is a track of light and small dots appear to the beat of the music playing. The object is to stay on rhythm and tap at the appropriate times. It's fun but there's a bit of a physical learning curve- getting your fingers to learn just how to tap, though it doesn't take long, and there are a few different levels of difficulty. It's free, and you can download many different songs for free to play in the game as well.

The Facebook application is pretty useful. It is set up for the ipod/iphone so it works well and is set nicely, with easy to use functions.

It's free. It's not necessary, but kind of nice. Just wanted to let people know it's available in case they weren't aware.

Target has an application that let's you search the current week's ad, browse stores, and figure out where an item is located in a given store. Which I think is pretty fucking cool. It's supposed to let you know the current stock in the store, but I haven't tried that yet and also, as it gets closer to christmas, I imagine that would only be semi accurate anyway.

Still kind of neat.

You can use power search or the regular search under applications for any of these.

Anyone else have some?

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i dont have an iphone but i was having a late night grill night with a couple friedns this summer and the mosquietoes were really bad. one of them whipped out his iphone, and found an app that played the sound a male mosquito to keep the blood sucking female ones away. worked like a charm. incredibly useful.

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I have an app called "LiveHappy" which probably won't help much if you're actively depressed, but has some nice stuff if you're doing adequately and would like to feel better. It's real-science-based (not pop-science). It's $9.99.

I had some other stuff I liked but I accidentally deleted them while syncing.

http://macmost.com/ has a number of good free ringtones.

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I love the Daily Tracker app.  You can set it to track virtually anything.  Moods, food intake, med intake, length of sleep, money spent, etc.  Very nice little app that has already helped immensely with tracking my symptoms.

BlogPress is a nice little app for folks that have a blog that want to update on the go.  I use it a lot from work because I can't update my blog directly from my computer there.  I write the blog and then email it to myself, and the copy/paste into BlogPress.  Very handy.

My favorite Twitter app is Tweetie.  Visually, its a very nice way to read and update Twitter.  It allows for multiple accounts, and makes ReTweets easy.

If you like iMeem radio, they have a nice iPhone app.

Probably the most expensive app I've got on my digital brain [aka, iPhone] is Easy Wakeup.  It's also the best app, by far.  In short, it's an alarm clock.  You can either lay it next to you on the mattress, or strap it to your arm, and it tracks your movements through the night to determine what stage of sleep you are in.  While it isn't nearly as sensitive as some of the very expensive monitors you can buy, it gets the job done.  You set the alarm to wake you up within a specific range of time.  Then, based on your sleep patterns, it selects the best time before your set time to wake you up, based on your pre-selected time range.  

For example, if I set it for 6:30, and I give it a time range of 30 minutes before 6:30, it will wait until it thinks I am closest to alertness and trigger the alarm.  In this way, you aren't being woken up out of a deep REM sleep, which is part of why it is so, SO hard to wake up in the morning.  I usually feel alert and refreshed when I wake up, mainly because it waiting until my brain was essentially awake on it's own, and triggered the alarm.  It also gives you a chart showing your sleep patterns through the night, which can be helpful if you're trying to identify sleep issues with your doctor.  

It isn't a replacement for a legit sleep test in a lab, but it is helpful.

Countdown is neat if you want to keep track of lengths of time.  For example, how long until my next pdoc appointment.  Or, how long have I been dating my girlfriend, or, how long until I get out of the friggin' military.

Then again, maybe that's just me.  ;)

My newest app, and I adore it, is Balls.  Colored balls of paint bounce around your screen.  When the collide with each other or the walls, they make a beautiful sound [totally customizable as to both the sounds, number of balls, speed of balls, etc].  You can grab the balls and drag them, or just set the phone down and watch/listen to it.  Probably the most relaxing sounds, ever, and I have used it successfully to calm down during bouts of extreme anxiety.

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Guest Vapourware

All of my apps are free because I'm a cheapskate ;)

I ditto Facebook, I really like that app.

To Dos is another nifty app which works as a nice to-do list.

Shaker is a silly app where you can shake various musical instruments, like a tambourine or a rattle, by literally shaking your iphone.

I like Tweetdeck because it shows multiple columns so you can see when someone's mentioned you quickly.

Shazam is a cool app. It tries to identify a song based on a snippet that it hears. Very nifty for that moment in a cafe where you hear a cool song and want to know what it is.

Lightsaber is a fun app which turns your iphone into a light saber, complete with Star Wars battle music.

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We like Sit or Squat, a bathroom finder that allows you to add more bathrooms and rate ones already there. Sponsored by Charmin. Also has most the Starbucks in the world listed and tells you if they are open or closed at the time you are looking at it. Nifty for anyone who road trips alot.

Also, Urban Spoon is great for dining out. It has a locational feature as well as a "spin the wheels" sorter for location, food type and cost. You can lock in or out any of the three to select for a certain thing. Also can show you the closest food to you with pins and links to the reviews of the place and user comments and a % of how many people liked the food. Very useful when no one wants to choose what to eat- let the iPhone do it!

My BF loves Geared by Bryan Mitchell. He has been playing it for ages, played the free demo and then bought the full version. He still hasn't finished all the levels. You place different sized gears in order to power all the gears on the screen.

He also loves the weather radar app "Radar Scope" he works outside and is able to plan his work around the storms coming in. It was one of the most expensive apps at $9.99, but is very useful if you need that kind of info.

Don't know how I ever existed before I got an iPhone. Love it to bits.

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I found a program called iRxHelper. It cost me $0.99. It allows me to input all my medications with the Rx number, the pharmacy info, the date I started taking it, the date I last refilled it, the number of refills, the dr. that prescribed it, etc. Then it will remind me when the med (those that are not PRN) is due to be refilled. It is also nice because when I no longer take the pill, it keeps it in the database so I can keep track of what pill I took when and what dosage I took for how long.

Now I have no excuse for forgetting exactly when and for how long I took the damn risperdal or when exactly I started taking lithium. If I could only find a mood charting software for the iPhone, I'd be all set.

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I think there's generic charting software you can use, and I may have seen an app that let you do very simple mood ratings.

Someone's going to make a killing on a useful search interface for iPhone apps. They desperately need it.

I got the AssociateThis and then the iAssociate apps that Luna recommended. They are great. Even though I have to do a lot of manual cranking through the ones I don't know.

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Here are the apps I use most:

PhotoNote - it allows me to take pictures and attach notes to those pictures for future reference. Really good for me because my memory sucks.

IconicNotes - note and file program that I use for my pdoc notes, doctor notes and tdoc notes. You can put notes into separate files and categories.

Moods - is my mood tracking app. Gives stats, allows for notes, easy visual mood choice. I'm a visual person.

ZooBox - shake your phone for animal sounds.

SmackTalk - talk into your phone and it echos back what you said in funny tones, plus it makes it look like an animated animal is doing the voice.

Consumed - kind of like Othello.

KarmaStar - Strategy game. Hard to explain. Fucking addictive. Link.

Those are the apps I use most.

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To update my list, here's a few more I have on my iPhone:

SoundHound: the best $6.99 I've ever spent. Push a button and hold up your device. It listens to the music and identifies the song, artist, album. Not only that, but it lists links to YouTube so you can listen to the whole thing, links to iTunes to buy the song and download it to your device. Plus it saves all your songs in its history so you don't forget that song you just had to have. It even recognizes songs you hum or sing yourself, now that's cool!

My Mood Tracker - mood charting software that allows me to enter my mood, sleep, and notes. Plus gives me a visual and chart history, plus sends me a reminder every night to enter my data. For those who ultra cycle or are BPD, you can enter mood 3x's daily.

Tunewiki - because I can't just listen to music. It's an app that downloads lyrics for you to read while the song is played.

Bank of Mom - I use this because I have no memory cells left. It's an allowance and reward time tracking system. You make "deposits" and "withdrawals" of allowance and tv/game/etc time, and they accumulate, so you know where you stand when it comes time to pay up. I was getting the short end of the stick when my son would buy something and "pay us back" with his future allowance money because I would always forget how much he had earned since the purchase. Not any more!

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Guest Vapourware

Here's a few more apps that I've found since my last post (again, they're all free because I'm still a cheapskate):

3D Drum Kit lets you turn your phone into - well, a drum kit. Sounds good and is quite responsive, so you can get some good beats going.

NLog Free is a cool, fully-functioning synthesizer. The pitch wheel in particular is quite fun.

Planets shows you the position of stars and planets in the sky at where you're standing, i.e. in Australia, it shows where the Southern Cross is above you depending on your location.

Bubblewrap is a silly little game where you are given 45 seconds to pop as many bubbles as you can. It's very addictive and also harder than it seems.

If you want to check your Paypal while on the move or make transactions, there's the Paypal app.

Soundscope is a theremin for the iphone.

Alice In Wonderland is great if you want a pocket-sized version of the classic story.

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I also like the:

Moon Globe app (shows pics from surface of moon)

Google Earth

Lose It! (weight loss app where you can easily track your food and exercise)

Intentions Calendar (wayne dyer app, perpetual calender which shows helpful and inspirational messages daily)

The Four Agreements (app based on the 4 agreements book, google it)

Pillbox (meds tracker)

Learn Chess

Yoga Trainer (teaches yoga positions)


Etsy Tools

Craigsphone (craigslist)

My Shopping List




NPR News

Louvre (louvre museum app, breathtaking)



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Ohhh, interesting! Here's my list of apps that I really really find useful:

- MoodReporter: My mood charting app, allows you to chart manic, depression and anxiety levels and track your medications & stressors (FREE)

- CameraBag: Really cool camera app that takes nice lomography type photos

- Pocket Universe: Point your phone towards the sky and it'll name the stars, constellations and stuff. Awesome.

- Stanza: eBook reading app (FREE)

- GoodReader Lite: PDF reader that reflows text (FREE)

- Discover: Transfer images, files from your PC to your iPhone (I use it to read my comics, it doesn't compress the transferred images) (FREE)

- SketchBook: Fantastic painting app

- Zenonia & Zenonia 2: The best RPG game I've played on the iPhone (worth every cent)

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Ya, if you have facebook and like games, you've gotta get Bejeweled 2.

I had to give my ipod touch back to its owner, so I don't have one at the minute (it will be my beginning of the school splurge).

However, I still have all the apps on my itunes!

I liked Lose it! as a handy food diary.

Awesome Notes is pretty good for keeping track of things.

If you drive anywhere - Road Trip is great for keeping track of expenses.

Oh, and they have Kindle for iphone... just in case you have a kindle account (it's free you know - no kindle required)

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I love my iphone and use it for everything it can be used for, mostly for playing games, alarm clock and reading news... oh and as a phone.

my favourite apps are: (in bold are my extra-favourite ones)

- ABC (Australian ABC news)

- BBC News (UK)

- GoodReader (allows you to put documents on your iphone to read)

- Lifehack - follows the Lifehack blog

- Mnemonics - medical mnemonics which are fantastic

- ECG guide - a good ECG practice app with real examples of 12 lead ECGs

- Muscles (another practice/test app for med students)

- Bones (just like muscles)

- PenMyBlog - easy way to update your blog

- MobileRSS - the best RSS reader i've found so far, you can log in with google reader

- Word Warp - A word game that jumbles the letters and you have to make as many words as possible including using all the letters

- Sudoku - various apps, the difference is really just personal preference

- Word Pops (Free) this is a pretty cool game for those who like word games - it adds letters onto your screen faster and faster and when you link the letters together into a word they disappear. the aim is to never let the letters hit the bottom of your screen.

- Zentimono - this one i bought the free version and then got the full version because i loved it. Its a tangram puzzle and its got lovely zen music with it.

- Untangle lite - lots of lines all tangled up and you have to try to untangle them (hard to explain)

- Vocabulator - a good 9 letter word finder and all the little words, with no time limit

- Bloom - when you touch the screen it makes a lovely sound and remembers it so you can create your own very peaceful music. I paid for it and it was worth it, its lovely.

- Chromixa - great puzzle/colours game and quite challenging. worthwhile paying for.

- KENKEN - a game similar to sudoku but with more maths involved.

- ZenBound - the aim is to wind a piece of string slowly around a wooden object by manouvreing with your finger on the screen - its quite challenging and different

- Geared - this is the best puzzle game i've found so far and absolutely worth paying for the full version.

- XKCD reader - for the comic/blog

- Cyanide and Happiness - for the comic/blog

- TED - TED videos

- Wikipanion - enables you to search wikipedia

- Bejeweled 2 - if you like the game, its worth the money for the endless gameplay

- Flood it - simple game that is fun to play

- Strategery - another good game

- Doodle Ships - a guessing game, its simple but fun

- Fling - a really fun and challenging puzzle game

- Doodle Find - a good 'find it' game with a time limit so it gets very nerve wracking if you get into it.

- Geodefense and Geodefense Swarm - fantastic tower defense and an alternative style of tower defense game - i have spent hours and hours playing these two and i can still play them. They are absolutely worth buying if you like that kind of game.

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Guest Vapourware

Talking Tom: A cat that repeats your words in a funny, helium-induced voice. You can also pat the cat, knock it unconscious, give it milk or pull its tail. Not sophisticated but it's surprisingly entertaining.

uFlute Lite: Turns your iPhone into a flute. Just blow through the microphone while fingering the "flute" on the screen.

TonePad: Make music by selecting dots on a pad. You can create some interesting sounds on it.

PocketVuvu: A vuvuzela for your iPhone. Annoy everyone! You also have a choice of 32 countries and four vuvuzela sounds.

LeafLite: Something like a trombone for your phone, blow into the microphone and move the slider on the screen to change the pitch.

TouchXylo: Turns your iPhone into a small, brightly-coloured xylophone.

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