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I'm Babs, Barb, Barbie, Barbara (no I don't suffer from MPD) these are my actual nicknames.

I have Major Depressive Disorder secondary to Post Partum Depression with psychotic features (Like an Andrea Yates who got help), SAD, GAD, and whatever Disorder is picked out of the hat that week. Was a visitor to my local asylum twice once for cutting and once for thoughts of hurting my son and a suicide plan. My son is 14 months old - thriving and healthy, i'm still here and my cut is healed.

Prior to having my son. I was "healthy" if that really exists. I suffered from mild SAD and GAD but had a great job and great life. Since then life has gone down the toilet.

I don't know where you guys were last year but better late then never!

I don't want cyber hugs, if you attempt to give me one, I will kick you! If you tell me that all I have to do to get better is look at my beautiful son's face - poster beware - I cannot be held accountable for my actions. :-). if you don't understand what I am going through, ask me about it - I am an open book and will answer honestly. Please don't assume you know what is best for me if you haven't experienced what I have been through. :-) Please don't judge me either.

I have a dark sense of humor about my situation and life in general.

This place looks awesome so far. Honestly is refreshing.

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Hi, Babs, and I can promise you that I will NEVER give you a cyber-hug. he he

We have several members who are moms, and more than one of them had some serious depression problems shortly after the birth of the Blessed Event. I hope you can talk to them and compare notes.

Please read our rules and don't be afraid to PM a moderator if you have a problem.


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Hi Babs, welcome.

we don't have a formal rule against cyberhugs anymore, but they AIN"T encourage! ;)

Discussions and advice tends to come with the bark on it, but that doesn't mean we don't care or aren't supportive. The board haa been around for almost six years in one form or another.

Best, am.

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