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Too late for me to research (read: lazy). But it wouldn't surprise me. Lithium can upset the GI tract. The best recommendation is to take you meds with food or a meal. Early on, I would go so far as to put my pills by my plate, have a few bites, swallow the lithium then eat the rest of the meal. Food doesn't affect the absorption.

I'm pretty sure we have had others complain of heartburn. The PI sheet recommends drinking 2-3L of water per day.

The extended release form (usually in 450mg tabs) was created to minimize GI problems and really made Lithium a success from 1978 onward.

The other thing you could do is split dose you lithium thru the day to lower the peak exposure in the stomach.

That's a starting point for things to try or think about. Other possibilities that might need exploring if this doesn't clear up include, refluc /GERD, Hiatal hernia, and asthma.

Hope you feel better, a.m.

p.s. tums, rolaids, or the newer things like pepsid etc, shouldn't interfere with your lithium, but should be checked against other your other meds.

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