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So i'm on nuvigil for narcolepsy. Also to help me focus. It does keep me awake, but it makes me slightly manic. My mind races and i'm able to make lists of things to do for the day, who I need to call, etc. However, my mind doesn't motivate me to do anything! Nothing at all! Play on the computer, yes, but it doesn't take physical energy to do that. I have to take naps throughout the day because my mind becomes so mentally fatigued I feel like I could pull my hair completely out. I also noticed that my body aches and i'm always tense. I clench my teeth, making my jaw hurt. And if anything at all sets me off I am irritable to the max!!!! It never makes me sad or depressed, just irritable, especially at the end of the day when I realize that I haven't got anything on my list of things to do for the day done. grrr.

Any feedback, good or bad would be of much appreciation!!!

Nothing left in the right brain, nothing right in the left brain....

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I posted this under another topic, but I'll repeat it here. BTW, I'm glad to read about others' bad experiences with Nuvigil! :)


Thank God in Heaven for this topic! And thank you, Tara, for your words of encouragement. I'm on my second trial of this nightmare drug, taking it for ADHD, sleep problems and mild depression. I can only echo the familiar stories of depression and anxiety! The first two days taking Nuvigil was great! I felt like leonardo Decaprio in "Titanic". I was the freaking "King of the World"! Full of energy, alert and actually felt like being producyive at work! About the third day, some old friends paid me a visit. Mr Black Cloud of Depression, his cousin Arnold Anxiety and their friend Mr Worry Wart! Oh yeah, I'd also get nightly visits from Irma Insomnia! I would try taking two Benadryl along with Silenor (sleep med). My mind and body were still a frantic bundle of nerves! The next day, after a fitful nights' sleep, my constant companions throughout the day were depression, anxiety and a general attitude of not giving a damn about anything! Activities that were previously enjoyable were now a thing of the past. I didn't quite entertain the thought of suicide, but at the same time, I wouldn't have minded if I'd fallen asleep never to awaken! The most horrible feelings I've ever experienced all in a two-day time span.

I'm starting to think I'd rather put up with the feelings of low-energy/ low-motivation. At least then I understood what was going on! I'll take Tara's advice, and try to finish my 30-day prescription. Thanks for listening!

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