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I don't know what I am

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Honestly, I don't know what I have. I think I have it all in bits and pieces...if that's possible? I live near the Caspian sea. I found this place through a blog that I followed from yummyeats.

I just thought that maybe I really am crazy because I was talking to someone and he told me that I had a great body over the summer and I promised him I didn't- I'm a cow. With giant C cup udders and everything.

Then he showed me a video of these three tiny young women and I thought they were some of his familyy or friends (in a park)...one of the girls' head wasn't showing, but her body was and she looked like she was 105 lbs? totally thin and flat all around (no breasts either!) with these gray skin tight jeans and her arms were like...my wrists.

It was me.

But, other than that, I just wanted to intro myself. Say hello.

I feel like I'm trying really hard to be normal right now, so goodnight.

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beetle- Hmmm. Sounds like a keeper, that one. I was wearing a size 0-2 USA but I saw myself as a size 12. I wondered why men would look and women all commented on how small I had gotten? I'm tall too,5'8, for my culture (most girls here are petite). I thought people were just being polite- which they do all the time.

Olga. Mudpuppy. Raquin. Thanks. I can't wait to delve in here a bit further.

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