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I know you can't do that, but still

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Ugh, :::::Shuddder:::::: and maybe Trigger.gif

That fucking chcc or whatever the fuck it is add down there above the status updates, anyone seen it? The cute one where the little boy goes to the pharmacy and, you know, he got some pills, OR SO YOU THINK.

But what he REALLY got was suicide in a jar. He pulls a gun out of the bag when he gets home.

Cue disturbing statistics.

DON'T PUSH PLAY! I made the mistake, I shouldn't have done it, you don't have to make the same mistake I did. NEVER PUSH PLAY!!!!!!

I know I gave a detailed enough description of the damn thing, but yeah, I wish those weren't there.

MY suggestion was to everyone to just NOT PUSH PLAY.

Thank you.

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If you have Firefox you can download adblock - then you won't see any ads...

I just installed Opera and there's a way (more complicated) way to block ads too but..isn't the advertising one way that this site is funded? If you're blocking the ads then...

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Yeah, I have ethical issues with adblockers. There's an implicit social contract here.

Unfortunately, some advertisers don't abide by the deeper (in my opinion) social contract to not abuse the hosting sites' or the visiting users' trust.

With enough specific information, the Firefox extension GreaseMonkey can be also be used to redirect such ads. It's a bit difficult to click through to (or talk about) cchr.org, if it's been replaced by apa.org on every page.

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