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It's a wonderful li....no, it's not!

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Lurked here for quite some time, left for a while but am now back.

I'm 33, married, but not for long.  I'm starting graduate school tomorrow.  Been depressed/anxious most of my life.  About 10 years ago I learned I had OCD, though it's tricky because I've never technically been diagnosed with anything.

It's painfully obvious, though....I have a lot of odd behaviors, many of which I didn't even notice until becoming married [before that I was basically a hermit, which is sort of my natural state.]

I've got all the major stressors...new marriage/divorce, relocation, job woes, no money, etc.  I take Celexa that my father-in-law gets the prescription for.  He told his doctor he had depression so my wife could take it.  We're both depressed. 

Right now I'm tapering off the Celexa because it seems to be causing thinning hair.  I'm hoping I'm together enough to do without it. 

My wife and I decided to divorce a while back, though we will still be a major part of each other's lives for the next couple of years at least.  We still love each other, it's just that things aren't working out. My father-in-law has been a great help to us, but he has a lot of mental health issues and is sort of a sinking ship that my wife feels obligated to "fix." He is severely depressed and has major OCD [primarily hoarding--he owns a house that is unliveable due to the junk he's collected there.]  My wife is really the only caring family member he has, so all of our plans revolve around him.   

Basically, I married into a highly dysfunctional family [and it's not like I was doing that great to begin with] and it looks like our marriage isn't going to stand the strain.  I beat myself up a lot over it. 

Anyway, thanks for providing a place to vent.  Things are not all bad and I'm exciting about going back to school.  My mental health issues along with other things really messed up my undergraduate experience [wound up working for the post office for about seven years after college---got a bachelor's but it just wasn't marketable] and I'm looking to do better this time. 

Thanks for reading this.

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