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Who the hell am I?

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I've been lurking for a little while, so I decided I'd try to post something resembling an introduction.

I found this forum through an eating disorder site I've been a member of for many years (TF'er!)

I'm an odd bird with a lot of hang-ups. Bipolar II and an ED-NOS. I recently moved from Seattle, where I lived for 17 years, back to the motherland, Denmark.

I've been finding it exceedingly hard to find my way through the health care system here. They're not as generous with the medication here! Which I guess can be interpreted many ways.

Either way, I thought I'd man up and say hi. So, hi.

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I'm glad you joined, and I hope we can offer some support and information to you.

I lurked for quite a while before I joined, also.

It may be that we have some other members from Denmark who might have advice about negotiating the health care system there. If we do, I hope they will post and introduce themselves.

Good luck!


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