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hello, I haven't really been diagnosed with anything officially but generally have several problems heres a quick list

-Straterra for ADD at 13 (accutally started with ritalin for 3 days but it didn't work out)

-stopped at 15

-Adderrall at 16 for ADD

-Anxeity and OCD got worse

-left school Junior year a quarter of the way through

-started Celexa about a year ago

-switched to Lexapro 6 months after that

-about 2 months ago started have more anxeity and panic attacks

-started Seroquel which I didn't agree with

-just started taking Abilify

I'm back in school for only one class, I also am very short and have been small but I still am underweight about 82ish and I can't seem to gain weight at all.

And I am a very big Trekkie, Live Long and Prosper

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Welcome to our world. I hope you enjoy meeting our members and get some good information.

If you aren't seeing a psychiatrist, that might be a good idea. If you are, just ignore me!

Be sure to read our rules---they're pretty simple.


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