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Oh thank goodness I found this forum

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So, I'm newly d/o as BPI and my number 10 days ago was 296.43. Interesting, since I hadn't thought of myself as manic at all, let alone that day. At least there's no psychosis (YET! screams that voice in my head - hey you'll get to meet her, too, she's even more nuts than I am...or wait, she is me, I am her..."she" is just a nice way of describing the bad chatter. And you all know what bad mental chatter is, which is why I'm so happy to have found you!)

Hmm, I'm not really as "up" as this is sounding.

In fact, past 2 days were totally craptastic in the raging/crying/angry/irritable/I would breath slowly if I farking could but I CAN'T! way. Today is better than that.

Meds! I'm on Abilify, just 2.5mg at night. I was on 5mg for 2 days when I thought I was gonna shake rattle and roll right out of my head, so I called pdoc before the holidays and she said to just take it back down. I see her next on this coming Tues.


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