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Warped for sure, wired not so much.


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I had an issue a while ago (see my topic in the schooling forum, medication is killing my grades if you're interested) where concerta at 54mg was making me absolutely exhausted, to the point where I couldn't work on homework, study, do assignments or tests etc.

Recently, my concerta was dropped to 18mg where I was doing okayish before, and my sleep aid was switched to nozinan (an antipsychotic not available in the US, I think it's comparable to thorazine?) and that shit kicks my ass every morning (I don't sleep through the night, but that's another story).

Anyway, back on track! I have not felt much relief from grogginess from 18mg concerta, and I had some 54mg pills from when my doctor told me to discontinue it. I ended up taking an 18mg and a 54mg today, and I feel a lot better, and can function academically.

My question is, should I tell my doctor this? I don't want to seem like I'm seeking a high, because I'm not. I just want to be alert enough to function. I did notice a decrease in my ability to stay on task, a huge one, when i stopped taking 54mg. Like, the description on the ADD forum above, that's pretty accurate of my days, haha.

Mods: I put this in the stim forum, and not as a new post in my thread, because while I'm still talking about school, the overall theme is this; Being able to function in your daily life. I think a lot of stim users have had similar problems to mine relating not only to school, but perhaps work, or social commitments that they value. I feel there is a stigma associated with wanting to increase your dose of a medication people like to get high on, and that there must be some people watching this forum who have/had a similar problem to mine. (I know there's no need to say, ha) but feel free to move this where you think it might be appropriate.

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