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You MUST stay on topic!

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According to Verizon's fiber optic service's brand-new end-user license agreement, users may not, among other things:

"post off-topic information on message boards, chat rooms or social networking sites."

I am really hating being stuck in a Verizon DSL monopoly area. And it's raining. Rain really sucks. But I had a slice of pie for breakfast.


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trolling and spamming, is probably the rationale. folks who persist in doing this (like mass spammers) are oft reported to their ISP, which is then in some states/areas required by law to interrupt/stop their service. Verizon is probably trying to stem the tide a bit; let people know up-front that is not going to be tolerated. kind of vague wording, probably as a catch-all I'd imagine...


pie for breakfast is awesome. it hasn't rained here but the temp has dropped. winter has arrived.

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I must! I must! I must increase my bust!

Every time I think I kind of want FIOS, something like this comes up, and it reminds me that it's through Verizon and how much happier I've been since we stopped having anything of ours handled through them. Their ToS were already kind of sketchy, and they just get more bizarre as time goes by.

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I like chicken. Sometimes I go to the beach, but sometimes I go to the desert.

I do have comcast, though, not verizon. It is ridiculous, spamming and harassment are already illegal. I am guessing it is in response to someone being libeled, either Verizon or a customer of Verizon. We'll have to see how it stands up in court.

I think a court will agree to limit spamming, as it is commercial speech, unwanted and unsolicited. But if, as is the case in many places, your area is only serviced by one company, I think that the court may frown upon that. Verizon is of course a private company, so there is no 1st amendment claim, but courts really don't like limiting speech.

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The State of Jefferson should really secede,

declare war,

lose,get real benefits of our tax dollars,

O!,I'm off topic,

Will they try to break my door down??


Verison Black-shirts,

as a Libertarian Gun-nut,

I'm ready,

just gimme a minute.


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Sounds familiar,

It's entirely,possible

to talk your way into,

suspension or ban.

It is not like,saying out loud,

You are a bunch of Pointy-head,

Leftist,parlor Pinks.

See what I mean??

The typed word loses

In translation,

some important items,

or what you read between the lines,

is a fleeting thought,

OK,I'm spaced out,

and off -topic.

They wil pry my keyboard

from my cold,dead fingers.


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speaking of verizon, i'm totally going to cancel my service with them, I looked at my bill online and they charged me over $12 for 18 minutes of conversation for "roaming." Fuckers. Roaming shouldn't cost nearly a dollar a minute. And I can't get service out here unless i stand outside and walk around in the snow. They suck.

I want pie too.

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