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I was taking 100mg Luvox for about a month. Since it wasn't doing much for OCD other symptoms, and intrusive thoughts, my doctor decided to change the Luvox to Topamax. I was on Topamax at one time over a year ago, but was taken off of it because we didn't know which medication caused an adverse reaction.

Anyway, the Topamax was added mainly to help intrusive thoughts and Ultradian Cycling that Lamictal couldn't take care of completely.

The benefits that I had from this med before were reducing intrusive thoughts, helping some w/ OCD symptoms/anxiety, helping with sensory integration issues associated w/ Aspergers Disorder, normalizing my appetite, and most of all, helping with Ultradian cycling. As far as side effects go, they were pretty minimal for the most part. I never had any cognitive problems. When my other doctor pushed me right from 100mg to 200mg/day w/o titrating, I had quite a few side effects and some concentration problems. That was because dose was increased too fast. We reduced dosage back due to those side fx.

On this trial, I'm starting at 25mg at night. I will be titrating upward in 25mg increments every week. The intial target is 100mg/day in two divided doses. I have an appointment a month from now, and we will see how 100mg/day works. If needed, we will increase from there. He said that the therapeutic range for Topamax (as an add-on particularly) is 50-200mg.

I also take 300mg of Lamictal and 5mg of Abilify.

Did Topamax help with feelings of self-conciousness and guilt feelings (which I have been having problems with lately)?

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For those of you who takes or taken Topamax, what were your experiences?
Seriously, there's 86 jillion posts on that if you're willing to take the time and look.

What benefits did it have for you?

But hey, I calmed the hell down and pretty much quit drinking!

Did it help with feelings of self-conciousness and guilt feelings?

Ummm...no, is it supposed to?  Not up on Topamax's depression side, except that it usually, well, doesn't do much, and self-consciousness and guilt sure sound like depression to *me*.

All I gots, anyways.

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