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Hey. I'm a 17 year old girl looking for some support in regards to mental health. I have had OCD and GAD since I was a little kid. I was first diagnosed with them at about age 10 or 11, and I started meds soon after that. I worry about: symmetry, balance, diseases, car accidents, irrational things, harming others, tapeworm, and many other. I got depressed when I was 16. I also developed psychosis when I was 16. I got a diagnosis of psychosis NOS, which was changed to schizophreniform, which was changed to schizophrenia. I've been hospitalized once. Most of my friends know about my mental health issues, though not the content of my delusions and hallucinations. I currently have no positive symptoms and am not depressed, though I have problems with concentration, clear thinking, paranoia, obsessing, lack of motivations, and lack of enjoyment.

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